Things to know

Free-coffe corner

Cooking is not allowed in the kitchen, but you will always find a free coffee corner, with the coffee, herbal teas, fruite juices, milk, sweet and savory snacks. You can also take advantage of a refrigerator to store both food and drinks.

Served breakfast at coffee tables

For guests who prefer to sit and have breakfast at one of the best cafés on the main street, I offer the possibility to purchase a voucher for 6,00 Eur per person. Every day from 6:30 AM, at the affiliated bar (just a five minutes walk away), breakfast will be served consisting of three courses of your choice: coffee/cappuccino/tea, fruit juice, croissant/pizza/toast.

Moving from and to my B&B


The train station is just a 13-minutes walk away, along the main street without hills or stairs. We have bus stops to reach the Amalfy coast, Pompeii or Naples, wich is just a short eight-minutes walk away.


The city of Salerno has 2 seaports: the Manfredi port and port Masuccio Salernitano in Concordia Square. From this ports, throw ferries you can reach fascinating places, such as Positano, Amalfi and Capri. The 2 tourist ports are within walking distance in about 18 minutes. The rute does not include hills or stairs.


I remind you that the structure is located in the ZTL area. The ZTL are zones of restricted circulation situated in Italian cities that have historic centers. Only the local residents and registered vehicles are authorized to drive in. Meaning, you cannot reach the B&B by car. If you need to unload your luggage, just contact me and I will find the best solution for you. I recommend not putting the address of the structure in the navigator, otherwise you will enter the limited traffic area. You can park your car in the garage at the daily cost of 20/25 Euros or in the blue strips on the street, at cost of 1/2 Euros per hour.

I’m sure that the time spent in the city of Salerno will be exciting and relaxing at the same time.

 I’m exciting for your stay, Ilaria

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